"Neighbours" - Bloom's largest ever themed Garden

At Bloom Hayes Ryan undertook to design three suburban back gardens and two front gardens, together with actual house facades. The intention is to illustrate choice and possibilities through varying designs, themes and materials.
Even a limited space has potential to form outdoor rooms which can be furnished with the same flair,imagination and attention to detail that people often associate only with interior spaces.It consists of three exquisitely designed gardens undertaken for Woodies. Each will illustrate how a beautiful garden of distinction, with proper advice, planning and design guidance, can be created within a modest site.
These gardens - "Neighbours"  - formed the largest themed garden area ever undertaken at Bloom.
Anthony Ryan was on hand to guide clients through the gardens, the design concepts, their features  and elements. A complimentary take-home booklet will be available which illustrates the three gardens, the materials and plants used in each.
Please contact us if you would like further information on these gardens, and would be delighted to assist if you have any queries or if you need guidance on developing proposals for your own garden. 
See our Gallery section for full range of photos - see Wine Garden, Cool Garden and Green Garden.

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