Show Gardens

We take the opportunity at garden shows to create unique designs to illustrate our design capabilities and flair for striking and imaginative spaces.

The stainless steel garden below (called Metamorphosis) was awarded the coveted Peoples Choice Award at Bloom (Irelands Premier garden show held in June each year in the Phoenix Park). Our ‘Explore Athy garden’ held at the Ploughing Championships was a like a magnet within the crowds, and was a tremendous help in promoting the town. Over 1000 people per hour entered the garden throughout the three day event. Our client – Shop-Athy found this of tremendous benefit to the town, both in terms of economics and also public perception.

 We hope our gardens will provide inspiration to people in planning their own garden style and illustrate the possibilities of creating striking shapes and forms with quite simple visually unifying materials. These gardens are intended for show display and visual impact and are not intended to be entirely practical. All elements can be adapted into a practical garden context. 

Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Environmental Consultants
Anthony Ryan B.Agr.Sc.(L.Hort). M.L Arch. and Geraldine Hayes B.Agr.Sc.(L.Hort). M.L Arch.
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