Garden Design Proccess

This is an example of our role in the complete transformation of a private garden from inception to completion. To illustrate the various stages of a typical project. We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence that our client placed in us and for proceeding with the recommendations in full.

Stage 1: The Existing Site

  • No integration of house and garden
  • Driveway approach too direct to front of house.
  • House fronted by large hard-standing area which separates the garden from the house.
  • Existing garden has little shape or character. It functions poorly in relation to the client's lifestyle.
  • The layout of the grounds does little to enhance the warm character of the unusual Log-style house
The client acknowledged the site had great potential but did not know how, or to what degree it could be optimised.

Stage 2: Initial Concept to Masterplan Design

  • Colour Masterplan Design showing optimum garden shapes, divisions, surfaces, key lines, angles, curves.
  • This is the visual structure for the site, to integrate with the house design as a unified composition.
  • With a colour plan, the client is guided clearly and the reasoning behind the design explained in detail.
  • The layout seldom changes. The materials / finishes can be cleverly chosen to meet even modest budgets.
  • Good design is about structure, proportion, balance and scale rather than current trends or fashions.
The client is now assured that the design maximises the potential of the site and fully complements the house design. The house and the various outdoor functions will integrate seamlessly within the new landscape setting.

Stage 3 : Site Work

  • On-site setting out and guidance on removal of existing driveway, new driveway, cars, paths and pavements.
  • Complete new layout set out and marked on site.  
  • Ongoing guidance to contractors on levels and slopes, on-site judgement, precise curves, view angles etc.
  • Considerable care is taken to ensure that all are evaluated from various vantage points.
  • Check walling, edgings,  pavements,  water features, shaping and contouring as the work progresses.

The client is delighted with the physical layout as it emerges on site. The effect is immediate and dramatic.


Stage 4: Plant Selection and Planting

  • Visit to specialist plant nursery.
  • Two days of selection and hand-tagging of plants for garden with personal nursery guide.
  • Fine tuning of plant selection on nursery.
  • Presentation of actual plant photos to client for final approval.
  • Plants assemled on nursery - final check - shipping. 
  • Plants arive on site. Personal placement of plants on site, arrangement and fine tuning for best effect.
The client sees the hard landscape structure being softened by beautiful planting. Buffers, divisions and ornamental drifts are created. Visitors are astounded by the fresh sense of calm and balance in the garden upon passing through the new entrance. Particularly striking  are the new views both to and from the house. The client now sees and appreciates the house in a completely different context.

Stage 5 : The Finished Garden

  • Please see attached range of photographs of completed garden and judge for yourself...
Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Environmental Consultants
Anthony Ryan B.Agr.Sc.(L.Hort). M.L Arch. and Geraldine Hayes B.Agr.Sc.(L.Hort). M.L Arch.
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